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Sep. 14th, 2004 @ 04:37 pm update...
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: "Lets Stay Together"- Al Green
I haven't updated in like 596598 years I've been lazy. Senior year has offically started! Being in school for 4 hours a day is so hard. LOLOL... NOT! I love it. I quit Little Ceasars, Im so FUCKING happy. (YEAH MY DUMBASS QUIT LITTLE CEASERS BECAUSE I CAN NOT HOLD A JOB FOR NO MORE THEN 3 MONTHS.) I hated that place more than anyone will ever know! I got a job at Healthy Foods on Halsted. My mommy used to work there when I was little. Its alright I guess. I was there earlier and they were just showing me what to do etc. and I felt so sick to my stomach, I had to go home. My face changed colors and I thought I would pass out if I didn't lay down.I came home and watched Real World Philly. Im not sure about this season yet. Theres defiently a lot of HOES on that show though... I got so much damn hw to do and I just want to sit down and watch Some Like It Hot on dvd that my daddy bought me =) Ohh yeah Happy Belated Birthdays to my parents (9/11. Jinx mo' fo's!) and Peter West (9/9) Happy happy belated birthday... Ohh yeah and Doms was the 7th but he doesn't deserve a Happy Birthday. I saw him the other night, he sends the WORST mixed signals. Everytime I put on my lipgloss he would sing that song from ALL THAT. "So kiss me..." then he was sitting there singing our song "Read Your Mind" by Avant. I know he doesn't want a gf but he just needs to stop! Then he was all flirty in his own way. I hate him. grrr. I need to go w/ someone. Talking of HOTTIES theres a really HOT guy named Matt who works @ Ace with Sean. Whoa whoa whoa! I'd like the key to his heart. LOLOL. That was lame! But yeah I defiently need to go out with someone and I don't know... I just need to keep myself occupied! We'll Im off to TRY to go to Curves. Im not sure if I have the energy to get up and go...
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Sep. 7th, 2004 @ 03:42 pm survey hoes =)
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: "Lets Get Married"

Survey... You know how I do!Collapse )

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Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 05:35 pm i <3 this song!
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: "In My White Tee" Jermaine Dupri
Can’t somebody explain to me
Why everybody’s tryin’ to be
Livin’ like a celebrity
Doin’ what they see on MTV
Ice is cool but I’m lookin’ for more
Simple things is what my heart beats for

Cuz that’s me
I don’t ask for more
Havin’ you is enough
You ain’t got to buy nothin’
It’s not what I want
Baby it’s you
We don’t have to go nowhere
It’s not what I want
Baby it’s you
It’s not by what you got, I know you got a lot
No matter what you do, you always gettin’ high
You do… You do…
Baby all I want is you yeah

It don’t matter that your car is fly
And your rims are spinnin’ on the side and
It don’t matter where we go tonight
Cuz its fine with you and me alright
That’s cool but I’m lookin for more
It’s your love that my heart beats for

Cuz that’s me
You don’t have to spend a dime
I just want your time (yeah..)
You ain’t got to buy nothin’
It’s not what I want
Baby it’s you
We don’t have to go nowhere (It’s not what I want)
It’s not what I want
Baby it’s you
It’s not by what you got, I know you got a lot
No matter what you do, you’re always gettin high
You do… (you do) You do (Baby)
Baby all I want is you Yeah
(Hey……… yeah)

You ain’t got to buy nothin’ (It’s not what I want)
It’s not what I want (oh)
Baby it’s you
We don’t have to go nowhere (nowhere)
It’s not what I want
Baby it’s you
It’s not by what you got, I know you got a lot (hey yeah)
No matter what you do, You’re always gettin’ high
You do… (You do)…You do
Baby (baby) all I want is you yeah

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Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 05:31 pm aww
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: "baby iits you" jojo
Look at this icon! Its so cute! And its the truth, im DEFIENTLY marrying him! ;p
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Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 05:06 pm excited!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "i swear" all for one
I just found out that my sister will be joining Curves with Maria and I... LOL thats NOT GOOD! In November there going to expand it and make it bigger, and by January there going to add kick boxing ( I cant wait! I always wanted to do that! I need to lose my thighs! Plus it will tone the fuck outta me once I lose all this fat.. if that EVER happens!)yoga(my mom wants to take that) and belly dancing (that would be awesome!) Im gonna take all 3 plus work out at Curves, if I dont get toned now I dont know if I ever will! Im so excited! I wish it was January! Woo Woo! School is SO pointless! Im there from Monday- 8:10:-3:30 8:10-12:50 Tuesday-Thursday Friday 8:10-12:20. AWESOME!
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Aug. 29th, 2004 @ 12:39 pm I dont WANT TO GO TO WORK!
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: none.
Last night was a lot of fun =p Danielle and Sammarco went out to eat with his cousins so Joe, Nick, Nina and I went to BW3 in Lincoln Parks for buffalo wings! Nick made it seem like it was like this fancy place when it was really a SPORTS BAR! A lot of cute college guys I might add. We got so many differnt kinds of wings, plus nachos. The nachos were pimp! I got so sick from the wings though. After that we went to Coldstone on Addison and Halsted. LOLOL ommmmmmg. We always wanted to drive around gay town listening to Cher, Cyndi Lauper, etc. and we did. LOLOL. We had people dancin and what not, Nick was really getting into it! We went into Coldstone and the same guy I applied to work there with actually worked there! He was difently FLAMMIN. LOLOL There was this guy who waited on Joe who kept looking at me, we payed and got our ice cream then im standing by the door and he came around and knocked on my shoulder and was like SMILE with a camera. WTF?! I took a picture and I was all confused, lolololol. We continued driving around gay town then we went by Danielle. Larrys friends were all over, Pats like "La Placa your lookin hot tonite!" LOLOL I was lik OMMMMMMG. I really wanted to die! But I gotta get ready for work. Curse you work!
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Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 04:13 pm this song is DeDiCatEd
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: "believe" cher
Wow, I cant believe *school* stars Tuesday. Thats kind of a scary thought but then its not because this is my LAST year of HS, and im only gonna be in school from 8:10 til 12:50 everyday so thats nothing to complain about. Nothing really new and exciting in my life, Danielle moved into a really nice apartment on 33th and Wallace. Its really cute! Weve been chillin there lately, umm lets see what else. Ive been talking to Sean, I saw him the other day @ Ace and he gave me his number. Were supposed to hang out one day. I know NOTHING will ever happen between us but its okay =) Work sucks, Barb said since a lot of the people that work there are all in school that the schedules are gonna be changed and we will only be working weekends. Thats pretty STUPID! Ohh yeah, Jonathon is WAY hot that I work with! He goes to De and used to go out with this girl Jennifer I go to school with. Hes really cute and I talk to him whenever I work. We work together Sunday so that should be interesting. I have Senior Oreintation tonight from 6-8, its better then working!

Aww my little Beth is going to school! Im so happy for her, and sad! Im gonna miss going by Peters house and just bull shittin for a little bit. Im glad that us 3 (lol me u and ur mom. ur moms awesome! im glad now that were both older that we can have actual conversations with her about stuff!) talked. I think I know what to make your mom for our bday! LOLOL. Aww Beth you better not forget me or YOU'LL REGRET IT ;) I swear everytime I look at those boys I get blown away. SOO HOTT! NYC here we come! Well im gonna go shower and stuff so I can go to school, I cant be this fancy when I go there! lol!

carrie gotti =)
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Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 03:51 pm the HOTTI gottis =)
Current Mood: creative
Current Music: "Lets Stay Together" Al Green

  Isnt he GORGEOUS?! Thats my future husband!


 those eyes!

beth thats your husband!! aww look at his chain!!


aww look its my future mother and brother in laws!

lololol aww my guy is so short!!! what is with HOTT italian guys bein lik 4'7"?

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Aug. 18th, 2004 @ 04:39 pm finally!
Current Music: "La Passion" Gigi D'Agostino
LJ has been sucha crackwhore lately, it hasnt allowed me to get in. Whoa. Thank God its over with! I was supposed to work today but *Jonathon* *hes cute* called me and said it was slow so not to come in. Ive been working like everyday lately, its good to just chill ;p Im not talking to Dom anymore at all. I really dont wanna get into what happened but I got a police report against Christina and Will. I cant stand them! We went and played pool yesterday, saw a really cute guy who was a mix between Matt, Adam and Gino. I gave him my number =) I hope he calls. I get paid tomorrow... I wonder how much?!?! Well thats it, got really nothin else to type about. Oh wait I lied, I start school 8/31 and were housing sitting Labor Day weekend. That should be fun!!

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Aug. 10th, 2004 @ 07:20 pm matt la blanc is hot!
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: "pieces of me"-ashlee simpson
I was watching Friends and whoa is he HOTT =) Anyways,I got my new work schedule, today I worked 11:00am-4:00pm. It was a looooong day! I got to do a lot of differnt things though so it was cool, Nina my supervisor is pretty cool. I got tomorrow and Thursday off, I work Friday, Saturday, Monday. I wanna work Sunday instead of Monday because Danielle wants to go to Gurnee Mills to shop and the guys wanna go to 6 Flags so I hope they let me.I need to borrow some money of my parents. I cant wait to go to sleep, getting up at 10:00am KILLED me this morning. OMG it was HORRIBLE! My cousin Joey got arrested lolol I wonder why. You can defiently tell hes a LAPLACA. Defiently a little STUGOTS! Imma get in the shower, peace playas =-)
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